"Jody performs a pure form of CST. Comfortably clothed on a massage bed (get the blanket :) ) Jody gently cradles your head. There is nothing uncomfortable and it feels like your neck muscles are melting as you deeply breathe. She checks on the spine, feet, shoulders, sinuses, etc. You will be so relaxed! You won't believe how new and light you feel! Next time you will have a new list of things to have treated!"
                                             Lacey- The Body Mechanic CMT

"When I first met Jody she taught me about the connective tissue called fascia. If the fascia is not moving freely then that's where chiropractic adjustments will not hold which I have experienced in the past. It is amazing! When I made my appointment I was impressed how Jody made me feel so relaxed! I was so comfortable because of her warm and gentle touch. I could feel the therapeutic release of stress and tension melt away. I've been to other Cranio Sacral Therapists and find that Jody does an excellent job to make me feel such a difference like I'm a new person."
                                               Joan Kaffman
                                                 Florence, MT